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'The Begum's Fortune' by Jules Verne (edited by I.O. Evans)

Publisher:  Ace Books

Published: 1958 (1st edition not a recent reprint)


  • Science Fiction
  • Society and Social Science (Utopian)
  • Classics



Book 18 in the 'Extraordinary Voyages' series

Two heirs to an Indian Begum's estate -- Dr. Francois Sarrasin, a Frenchman, and Professor Schultz, a German -- split 525 million francs. With his half of the money, Sarrasin builds an ideal community called Frankville in the northwestern United States. Schultz uses his half to construct a city called Steeltown, which produces weapons of destruction. Of course, their ideologies clash . . . literally and figuratively.






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'The Begum's Fortune' by Jules Verne (edited by I.O. Evans)

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