Colour challenge: How to do Pantone's Ultra Violet just right

Pantone's colour of the year has been announced and, drum roll please it is....

18-3838 Ultra Violet

A lovely shade of purple that reminds you of irises, does it not?

There's something about this colour that is so rich, luxurious and indulgent.

Some years back it inspired a painting of mine that never quite got completed.

Irises are my favourite flower, That vibrant purple, bright yellow stamen and bright green stem.

There's something about that colour combination that is stunning.

But flowers don't last forever. so how can you incorporate this lovely colours in your apparel, beauty products and/or decor? Keep reading and you'll find out...

Below are some examples of how you can incorporate this luxurious colour into your apparel....

into your jewellery with pieces from Atelier Breugnot.....

'Marrakesh', 'Amaranthine', 'Menekse' and 'Esprit Ultraviolet' earrings are featured & available in our web shop.

and into your interior design choices:

Incorporating colour into your apparel. beauty routine or home need not be a daunting task..

But if colour, fashion or beauty colour coordination overwhelms you check back in here on Atelier's blog:

🌴 Blog Bijoux et Beauté

🌴 Blog Mode et Maison

You'll find plenty of inspiration and helpful hints here,

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