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The Atelier Marketing Collective is a digital business consultancy that provides business development services. We assist small and medium enterprises by using our expertise in copywriting, branding, social media strategy, project management, and e-commerce. Through strategy and planning, content creation and curation, implementation, and analysis of business projects we strengthen existing small and medium enterprises. We accompany our services with photography and videography to give you all the options possible when it comes to marketing your small to medium enterprise. Whether your brand is taking its first steps or is well established we can help build and grow it with tailored solutions that will tell your brands' story in an authentic way that draws customers or clients in.  We have made available to you business related articles as free resources that you can find here

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About the founder

I started the business under the name the Atelier Breugnot as a homage to family. I wanted my business to be in honour of the most important and constant influence in my life, my mother, so I chose to use her family name for my business. As time went on I had to reconsider the name of the business because my market research led me to understand that monolingual, especially monolingual English speakers, would find it hard to pronounce Breugnot. This realization meant that I decided to change the name of the business to Atelier Marketing Collective as a way to convey the multiplicity of our business functions. Plus it’s easier to pronounce, right? As creative director, brand and product manager, SEO manager, eCommerce merchandising manager, marketing data analyst, and plenty more besides it’s incumbent on me to be constantly evolving. There are myriad aspects of running a business that is both technical and creative, product and service-based and b2b (business to business) and b2c (business to customer). Experience in business and marketing, project, operations, and event management through working in the black pearl jewellery gives an insight into the creative. Experience in procurement, contract management, logistics, and projects in mining gives an insight into the industrial and corporate functions. Doing both in a French-speaking context in New Caledonia and French Polynesia and an English-speaking context in Australia bilingualism is indeed a perk. I knew there was a better way to do business than inundating others with ignorant, rude, and unrequested evaluations of their current situation. I knew that as a potential client and/or customer myself I didn’t appreciate companies reaching out to me without doing proper research about me as an individual or business owner. Savvy customers or clients can smell unethical business practices from a mile away. I knew I could offer a better solution than these duplicitous, hard-selling techniques that self-proclaimed “biz gurus” on Instagram were touting. I knew that I wasn’t going to make bombastic claims about earnings.  

Owner of AMC Sophie Poualion
Solution-based problem solving

Want your prospects to open and read your emails rather than instantly mark them as junk? Want to avoid being one of those connection requests that gets ignored or instantly deleted on LinkedIn? Want to maintain the connections or leads you can make rather than losing them the same day you make them? We'll help you find alternatives to sending a sales pitch within five minutes of someone accepting your connection request. We'll help you find alternatives to leaving the same cringe-worthy hard sell in the comments of multiple posts your prospects are posting on Instagram. No research, no effort, lots of bombastic claims about being the “best” and no relationship building just don’t cut it in 2020. I call it the paint splatter approach to lead generation. Why do I call it that? Because it’s as effective as trying to paint a wall by throwing a bucket of paint at it and hoping some of the paint sticks. It’s a waste of time, effort, resources, and is entirely ineffective. It harms your credibility, alienates people, and in no small way ruins any chance of building trust. Your resources can be used more efficiently with far better results and there is no need to be a “master” or hire a “ninja”, “guru”, “rockstar”, or “Jedi”. We’ll help you to pitch your brand to clients or customers in a way that doesn’t insult their intelligence. We'll assist you in building relationships with your prospects, properly researching your target market, and marketing your brand in an ethical way to clients and customers. So that you can avoid marketing to people who will never be interested in your product or service offer. So that you can avoid short-sightedly pitching your product and services to those who provide the same products or services (aka your competitors). So that you won’t inadvertently mark your business as money-hungry and ethic poor. We have made available to you business-related articles as free resources on our ‘Collective Insights’ blog so that you can get a feel for the guidance we can provide to you in your brand building or growing project.

There's a problem but Atelier Marketing Collective can help

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