What's in a nude? A controversy in the buff

So, if we say 'nude" what colour are you thinking of?

If we say 'flesh colour' what colour are you thinking of?

Probably some beige-toned colour right?

Well, today we are going to dissect the concept of

'nude' and what 'au naturel'' could mean in our

more inclusive world. To delve into the discussion

keep reading..

Assumptions make an ____ out of you

In our thesaurus under the word 'nude' we might

see the following words listed as synonyms for

🌴 nude:

🌴 bare

🌴 blonde

🌴 canary

🌴 ecru

🌴 lemon

🌴 light brown

🌴 ochre

🌴 straw

🌴 tan

🌴 tawny

🌴 yellow-brown

🌴 yellowish

It's quite limited, wouldn't you say? It certainly looks like someone is bound to be left out.

In the buff naturally

We like in multicultural societies with many ethnicities and as many variations in skin tone.

With skin tones ranging from light, fair, medium, tan, and deep and undertones of warm, cool and neutral, 'flesh tone' could in fact be a myriad of colours, It bodes well to broaden our conceptions of what 'nude' actually means when we refer to colour, shades and tones.

Greater consideration therefore needs to be given not only to the products we buy and the brands we buy from but also the language we use around these subjects.

Just looking for a pair of nude heels

There has been progress with many brands adding more shades to their existing ranges and ensuring new ranges are far wider when introduced to the consumer market. Is this true inclusivity or simple bandwagoning? Perhaps it's too early to tell. However, we at Atelier Breugnot sincerely stand by our brand values of remaining global, unbounded and inclusive..

"Diversity and inclusion, which are the real grounds for creativity, must remain at the centre of what we do." - Marco Bizzarri

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