Ghost to Lightly Toasted - testing an organic tan.

I was looking to find a product that might help to even out my overall skin-tone and wanted to enhance the tan I had obtained over the last two months. I had heard a lot about a brand that touted products that were specifically for tanning but without the awful fake tan smell. The claims of it being organic, toxin free and vegan friendly certainly helped me in making the decision to try Ecotan out. So that I could get a good general appreciation for the brand I picked up the Complete Tanning Pack by Ecotan (pictured below).

The pack contains an 150ml tube of the Invisible Tan (for body tanning), an 100ml bottle of the Face Tan Water and tan remover glove. The Invisible Tan is applied with a mitt while the water is applied with bare hands.

I found this easiest to apply before bedtime. You exfoliate and moisturise the night before, apply the tan the next night, make sure to wash your hands and leave the tan to dry overnight.

I found that I may have not been careful enough in applying it around the ankle area. Dry skin and/or focusing too much or too little in some areas does tend to mean you may see some unevenness in your overall tan. But that's user error not a product issue.

Would I repurchase? Most certainly. it's much easier to apply than other products in this category and it's formulation means it's a lot more forgiving when you don't apply it perfectly.

FYI- I am not an affiliate of Ecotan and these opinions are entirely my own.

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