Iceland Vibes and Aussie Heat

For those who may have seen and fallen in love with Nomad Cosmetics new 'Iceland' palette but who can't get it I have duped the vibes of the palette with single shadows from a Aussie indie brand Glaminatrix Cosmetics.

I've used the colours as inspiration but not all the shadows are exact dupes whether it be shade or texture but I think you will get a similar outcome with these gorgeous shadows.

The shadows I chose are a mix of matte (M) and foiled (F) shadows as well as some pressed pigments (PP).

For row one we have...

- Mojito (F)

- Pistol (F)

- Sunshine (F)

- Blue Jeans (F)

- Perwinkle (F)

For row two we have...

- High Seas (F)

- Field (PP)

- Sherbet (F)

- Leaf (M)

- Posy (M)

For row three we have...

- Ice Cold (F)

- Bluebell (M)

- Sweetheart (F)

- Bittersweet (M)

- Peri-twinkle (F)

Have you tried Glaminatrix Cosmetics before? Have I piqued your interest in dipping your toes into the indie makeup pool?

Check back here for more palette dupes, concept palettes and beauty content because we love to share everything beautiful and colourful.

- Sophie