Lips to die for with Mellow Cosmetics

So, I have the liner, brows and lips mostly sorted.

I wanted to see if I could find some lip liners that would suit the majority of lip products I currently own. I decided to go with a nude and a red and found them at Mellow Cosmetics.

I chose the shades 'Rose' and 'Ruby' and then my eye wandered over to the lip paints. Being the red lippie lover that am I gravitated towards the shade 'Mykonos' which is a lovely red which is reminiscent of vine-ripened tomatoes.

As soon as I have the chance (and good lighting) I'll post what these look like applied. In the meantime, below are some product pics and some swatches done on my wrist.

(Photo credit: Sophie Poualion)

Mellow Cosmetics Gel Lip Pencil in shade 'Rose'

Mellow Cosmetics Gel Liner Pencil in shade 'Ruby'

Mellow Cosmetics Liquid Lip Paint in shade 'Mykonos'

I find the 'Rose' shade is really creamy and glides on without a hitch. The 'Ruby' shade is a little drier and requires a little more work. Both have great staying power as evidenced by the trouble I had removing them with my favourite makeup remover!

If your interested in discovering this brand you can follow the below link:

FYI - I earn commission if you use this link.

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