How To Be Unique With Exclusive Vibrant Artisan Made Jewellery

Do you like standing out in a crowd?

Are you a fan of everything vibrant and colourful?

Not fussed about what others call 'wearable'?

Being unique is easy with exclusive, one-of-a-kind artisan made jewellery by Atelier Breugnot.

All pieces are limited edition and once they've been acquired you can be assured that no one else in the world will be wearing the same style. The pieces all have a name and story behind their creation. Some are inspired by foreign lands or times long past, others by worlds only imagined.

What kind of jewellery?

Available in our store are the following:

🌴 earrings

🌴 bracelets and cuffs

🌴 necklaces

and more will follow.

What style of jewellery?

🌴 Fan the Flame collection (for a stunning flared effect)

🌴 Pom Pom Purray collection (for the quirky pom pom lover)

🌴 Tasseling Company collection (with tassels aplenty)

More collections and individual designs will also be coming. These are made and sold exclusively by Atelier Breugnot in our web store.

If you're looking for something unique, we've got it. If you want something that is artisan made, we've got it. If you want to support something that is vibrant and colourful that will convey your exuberant nature, we've got it.

Find our exclusive fan the flame, pom pom purray, and tasseling company collections and much more at:

Unique, unbounded and inclusive is our brand motto.

Uniqueness, vibrancy and an element of surprise is what our pieces will bring to you.

XO Sophie at the Atelier Breugnot

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