Getting bilingual and digital in Brisbane

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Needing some direction in your marketing efforts?

Unsure where to start with creating a social media presence?

Looking for a creative agency with a difference?

Atelier Breugnot is a boutique digital marketing agency that offers

the following services to our clients:

🌴 E-commerce and brand management services

🌴 Content creation and curation services

🌴 Marketing and social media management services

We have perfectly bilingual staff who can work with you in English or French.

If you'd like to learn more then just keep reading.

About us

The Atelier was created in 2017 as a creative outlet for a business professional working in a corporate environment. This is a personal project 10 years in the making that was seeded from a single pair of earrings, a project management background and a strong belief that experience in both creative and technical industries could benefit others in developing their own businesses.

What we do

We can assist you with e-commerce and brand management:

🌴 business-to-business (B2B)

🌴 business-to-consumer (B2C)

We can assist you with content creation and curation:

🌴 website content such as images, info-graphics, etc.

🌴 photography and videography

We can assist you with marketing and social media management:

🌴 reviews and commentary

🌴 copy-writing

🌴 editing and distributing digital media such as eBooks

🌴 management of social media accounts

How we do it

We first can meet for a free 1 hour consultation on any of the following:



🌴content creation and curation


🌴social media management

Based on our discussions you can choose services according to three delivery methods:

1. hourly consultancy sessions

2. project based (delivered in sessions of 1 hour each)

3. monthly retainer

Want an agency that is global in its reach, unbounded by four walls and inclusive of a multitude of perspectives? Want an agency that is proactive, intuitive and effective?

Find our list of service options here:

Or contact us at:

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