Tropical: a guaranteed non-kitsch decorating how-to

Do you like tropical style decorating?

Want to bring a summer vacation vibe?

Not sure where to start?

Never fear Atelier Breugnot is here and we will show you:

how to develop a cohesive colour scheme

what items you should be on the lookout for while shopping or online

an example of how it can be done

To know more just keep reading.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme, and even the particular shades

and tones of those colours can greatly affect on whether

your efforts will achieve the intended look you are going


The tropical theme is bright, vibrant and colourful and can

quickly go from captivating to kitsch very quickly if too many

colours or the wrong shades or tones of those colours are


You'll see in the example on the right that the colour scheme

while bright stays in the warm tones. This will bring warmth

and brightness to your space.

What a monstera!

When looking for a tropical interiors look you will want to look for decor that follows an island theme. What do we mean by that.? We mean lamps, wall art, wall clocks, glassware or dinnerware, bedding, cushions, etc. that feature certain plants or animals that you find in a tropical location. These might be for example:

🌴 monstera leaves

🌴 banana leaves

🌴 palm trees

🌴 hibiscus flowers

🌴 frangipani flowers

🌴 parrots

🌴 pineapples

🌴 toucans

🌴 tropical fish

I'll show you!

So, we've looked at the colour scheme, decor selection but what about the materials?

We'll when you're trying to look for a tropical interior style materials like wood, straw, bamboo, raffia, etc.

Having room dividers with shutters and having voile curtains can also be great additions. You'll find an example of this your right.

Having a pattern armchair with multiple colours and finding plain cushions with those same colours ensures a cohesive look.

We've gone over the basics of how colour, decor and materials all play a part in creating a tropical style living space. Whether it be Tahiti, New Caledonia, Vanuatu or Costa Rica that you're trying to evoke you will be able to feel confident in your choices now.

For more interior decorating inspiration keep your eyse peeled for future posts from us.

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