Spectacular Suzani: the stunning embroidered textile you'll love

You may have seen those stunning embroidered armchairs or three-seater sofas in interior design spreads. Those patterns and colours that have a retro, hippie vibe. Maybe you thought they'd make a great addition to your home. Maybe in the lounge room or your home office. What you may not know is where the textile actually originated from and how old some of these textiles actually are.

In this post we will discuss the following:

🌴 the origins and history of the textile

🌴 the different types of suzani

🌴 how to style them in your home

To know more just keep reading...

Origins and history

The suzani textile is an

embroidered textile

that is crafted by

artisans in

Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, It is made using cotton or silk fabric and embroidered with corresponding threads. The usually themes of this textile are the elements (sun and mood), flora (tulips, carnations and irises) or fauna (fish and birds).

They embroidered textile may come as one unique piece or be stitched

together to make larger swathes of textile.

The different types of suzani

Variations of suzani textile have regional differences according the city or area in which they originated. Some of the most well renowned ones are:

🌴 Bukhara

🌴 Khodjent

🌴 Nurata

🌴 Pskent

🌴 Samarkand

🌴 Shakhrisabz

🌴 Tashkent

🌴 Ura Tube

Some styles of suzani date back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Their intended use being as dowries crafted by bride-to-bes for their future husbands.

How to style it

So, how do we style these colourful pieces in our homes? We can base a rooms colour scheme entirely around these pieces by taking each individual colour and finding cushions, curtains, home decor items that are of these colours. The piece is the feature of the room in that case. below you will find some examples that we at Atelier Breugnot have curated.

With this insight into the origins, history and significance of the stunning embroidered textile that is suzani we hope we have given you a deepened appreciation for it.

May the richness of its style and colours bring some vibrancy to you and your home.

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