Blissful and beautiful: the spectacular textiles of Tahiti

Tahiti. Mo’orea. Bora Bora. What are you picturing?

Are you envisioning a beautiful tropical island with palm trees, crystalline waters and a good Mai Tai awaiting you? While it is a spectacular location it is also an expensive destination. French Polynesia is a destination that not many people travel to but that is well worth the visit. The landscapes, people and culture are so welcoming and invite you to haere maru (that’s take it easy in Tahitian). I first discovered French Polynesia in 2000 and quickly fell in love with it. Want to know more about this beautiful place just keep reading.

Ia Orana (Hello)

“E Vahine Maohi e” by Fenua

This song was released in 1999 and for me epitomises both the period and feel of French Polynesia for an individual who had always grown up in an urban environment far from the sea. The people, culture, and landscapes drew me in and were so genuine. I grew to love Tahiti and Mo’orea and would spend time between the two over the years. But I also had the pleasure of visiting the awesome island of Bora Bora.

To’u utuafare (My family)

My uncle had moved here years ago, married a local vahine (woman) and raised a family here. My aunties family were from the island of Takaroa in the Tuomotu islands. Living in Australia meant I hadn’t grown up with my cousins and I was eager to get to know them better and see what opportunities awaited me in the islands.

Ehia moni te’ie? (What is the price of this?)

When in Moorea I would spend most of my time shuttling between the

port of Vai’are and the village of Pao Pao in Cook’s Bay. Going for walks in the valley and seeing the stunning view from Mount Rotui. When in Papeete, having the pleasure of discovering the markets and losing myself in the fabric shops. There were so many beautiful fabrics that caught my attention and that inspired me to create. There was no fear of being “too colourful” or “too busy”. I was able to have the pleasure of exploring different suburbs like Pirae, Mahina, and Teahupo’o.

Mauruuru (Thank You)

There are so many photo and video opportunities in these islands. Landscapes that you can’t find anywhere else and you want to record in your memory forever. Although much can be recorded, it can often be hard to capture the moment exactly as you want it and convey it to others is almost impossible. However, if you’d like to get a taste of what you can experience in the islands you can certainly let your imagination run wild by checking out my cousins YouTube channel at:

Sandrine Breugnot – Tuamotu Lifestyle

Nana (Goodbye), Sophie

There will be more post to come in future on French Polynesia and also New Caledonia. So, if you’re interested in the personal experience of someone who was not a tourist or on their honeymoon. Check back here or subscribe so that you won't miss any updates.

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