Been ghosted by Polyvore? 6 promising reasons not to despair

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Some may ask, what was Polyvore and why are

are we talking about 'it'?

Was it an app, a toy or some new internet challenge?

Was it meant to solve a problem and if so, which one?

Who were the intended users/consumers?

Let's explore what it was and the reasons why it is so sorely missed.

What was Polyvore?

Polyvore was an e-commerce site launched in the beginning of 2007. It's purpose was to provide unparalleled access to various products from a variety of vendors in apparel, home wares and beauty. It offered individuals the possibility of creating mood boards using these items, to enter themed competitions and join groups with other users who had a similar aesthetic. Due to its visual nature, it was really useful for fashion editors, graphic designers, fashion stylists, interior decorators, bloggers and amateurs alike. The site at its height boasted a sizeable audience of 20 million unique visitors per month.

Tried & tested

I started using the site in 2013 and frequently consulted it until its unexpected announced closure in 2018. I was one of many users who requested a copy of the "sets' (the name given to the mood boards users created) to be made accessible to me. I found it to be a fantastic creative outlet. It was a wonderful way to create but also develop a creative community by following and liking the mood boards so many other creatives had developed. The aesthetic I most favoured was colourful, tropical, kind of edgy and with a definite summer-all-year-round vibe!

What now?

Some alternatives that have been suggested, and please understand this isn't an exhaustive list, are as follows:


🌴 IQon

🌴 TrendMe

🌴 ShopLook

🌴 Bantoa

🌴 Stylevore

Now, if your all a bit lost when it comes fashion or home styling you can come back to this blog and you will be able to find plenty of style ideas with Atelier Breugnots regular posts:

🌴 Style Match with Atelier Breugnot

So what's the moral of the story? Don't despair, don't fret., Atelier Breugnot has got you covered when it comes to style and colour inspiration.



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