How to be part of the brand tribe: members area now open

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Firstly, what is a brand tribe and why would you want to be a part of it?

Secondly, why be a member and what are the benefits of being a member?

In this post you will find out the following:

🌴 what a brand tribe is (aka brand community)

🌴 why people want to belong to the 'tribe'

🌴 how you can sign up for a member account

🌴 why having a member account is awesome

Keep reading to find out more.


What is a brand tribe?

So, what is a brand tribe or community? It's described as "a group of people who are linked by a shared belief around a brand. Its members are not simple consumers, they are also believers and promoters" (Dixon, 2010),

Why people want to belong to the tribe.

People want to become part of the brand tribe because they have a good customer experience with the brand, they believe the brand is authentic in its messaging and they feel a sense of belonging to what the brand is trying to achieve and its values (Veloutsou & Moutinho, 2009).

Becoming a member: It's a simple process.

1. Click on the 'Log in' text area in the top right hand of the screen (on laptops & PC's) or the menu bar which appears as three horizontal lines (in the top right hand corner (on Smartphones)

2. A 'Sign Up' page will display where you either select to log in (if you're already a member), sign up with your Facebook account, sign up with your Google account or sign up with email.

3. Follow the simple instructions and you're all set :)

Being a member is awesome because...

With your new member log-in you will be able to do the following:

🌴 my orders (where you can check the status of your orders or browse through your past purchases)

🌴 my bookings (where you will be able to see view, reschedule or cancel any bookings you might have with us)

🌴 my addresses (where you can add and manage the addresses you use)

🌴 my wallet (where you can save your credit card info securely)

🌴 my account (where you can enter or update your name, phone number and/or e-mail information)

and also view our terms and conditions and view our privacy policy.


So, we've learned what a brand tribe or community is, why people want to become part of the tribe and how you can become part of the Atelier Breugnot brand tribe. It's quick and simple and makes sure we can offer you the best customer experience possible.

So, don't be a stranger. Become a member so we can welcome you to the tribe!


You can also contact us by filling out the contact form found at:



Dixon, P. 2005, ''Wake up tribes and longer life'', Financial Times, viewed 17 Dec 2018,

Veloutsou, C.. & Moutinho, L. 2009, 'Brand relationships through brand reputation and brand tribalism', Journal of Business Research,

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