How to love white jeans guaranteed

With temperatures topping the high 40 degrees Celsius in Australia it’s natural that we would gravitate to wearing lighter colours to stay cooler. Wearing heavy or darker colours seem to entice the heat to cuddle you close and make you so sweaty that it looks like you just showered fully clothed. Well, in this blog post we will discuss how to keep cool and stylish with the unofficial uniform of Queensland in summer, white jeans. Keep reading to find out more.

Finding the right jeans

The style of jeans you like might depend on trends or personal taste. Whether it be boyfriend jeans, mum jeans, straight leg jeans, ¾ jeans or distressed jeans there is a multitude of styles at different price points available. My personal favourites have been super stretch straight leg, high-waisted straight leg jeans and cropped jeans which are all available at K-mart. The reason I choose these is in part due to my size, size 14, but also due to my height, 1m60cm (5’2’’). So many styles of jeans and pants, in fact, are simply too long and make me look like I’ve pinched a grown-up’s jeans for dress-ups. Often the waistband is far too wide leaving a gap around the waist so big you could fit a Pomeranian in the back of my jeans! The added plus of this brand is that they are affordably priced.

Jeans + ? = ?

White jeans are versatile summer wardrobe pieces for both formal and informal occasions day or night. Paired with a tank top, flat sandals, sunglasses, and a bucket bag they are casual chic. Paired with a buttoned-down blouse, blazer, strappy sandals, sunglasses, and an embellished bag they are formal sophistication. With a designer blouse, embellished heels, and a clutch they are perfect for evening. Below you’ll find some options for each category.

Casual (Day)


Sunglasses from Quay Australia

Flowy logo tank from Atelier Breugnot

(Find it here:

Soft-touch high-rise jeans from K-Mart

‘Taloha’ sandals from Target

Bucket bag from Sage Femme

(Find it here:

Formal (Day)


Sunglasses from Diesel

Blouse from Zeus & Dione

Jeans as above

Blazer from Walter Baker

‘Rivka’ sandals from Sempre Di

(Find them here:

Embellished bag from From St Xavier

Formal (Evening)


Asymmetrical blouse from Roland Mouret

Jeans as above

‘Chiara’ sandals from Sophia Webster

‘Marcella’ clutch from From St Xavier

(Find it here:

These are some of the myriad ways you can choose to style white jeans but if you want some more ideas on how to style pieces like this that you can find in your wardrobe then don’t forget to check back with Atelier Breugnot. The best way to not miss out is to sign up. That way you’ll always be notified of any new posts to the blogs, our web stores, or our site.

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