A change is as good as a holiday

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Under the banner of Atelier Breugnot we will be operating under the name Atelier Marketing Collective and we’ve modified our site to reflect that.

“Same values. Same culture. Same visuals. We’ve refined our vision.” – Sophie Poualion

This is a name change in order to refine our vision.

Our main site will focus on the services we provide, marketing insights (articles related to business issues) we make available to clients and a web shop featuring products that started this whole journey off in the first place. In addition to this

Our sister site, on the other hand will feature three blogs:

  • Blog Bijoux et Beauté (jewellery and beauty) You will find product reviews on this blog.

  • Blog Mode et Maison (fashion and home) You will find fashion styling and home décor on this blog.

  • Blog Vie et Voyages (lifestyle and travel) You will find articles on being a digital nomad, remote worker or location independent here.

Our website url and e-mail contact remains the same so if you’ve bookmarked the site you won’t need to modify it in any way.

Global | Unbounded | Inclusive

Want to find out more about how this adventure all started? Click here.

Atelier Marketing Collective

🌴 Marketing & Copywriting

🌴 Photo & Video

🌴 Project Management

🌴 Multilingual

Contact info: Sophie@theatelierbreugnot Contact Person: Sophie Poualion Company: Atelier Marketing Collective Company URL: https://www.theatelierbreugnot.com

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