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Updated: May 2, 2020

I've been a fan of Chi Chi Cosmetics for a while now and have a myriad of their eye-shadow palettes. Their palettes are how I got interested in the brand in the first place and I slowly progressed to trying out their Super CC Cream and Brightening Eye Primer. Each product I have loved as I found the quality to be consistent and the products always did what they said on the box so to speak.

My most recent purchase from the brand were two of the brands nine pan palettes and some lipsticks. The 'Mermaid' palette with all it's watery shades was calling my name like a siren from 'Odysseus' and the 'Ambers' was a melange of oranges and golds as bright as the sun that Icarus flew too close to (pictured below).

The lipsticks are a melange of beige's, pinks and reds (pictured below) with name like:

Top row from left to right

- Girl Next Door

- Drop Dead Gorgeous

- Fashion Editor

- Hot & Spicy

Bottom row left to right

- Downtown Girl

- Beautiful Stranger

A mini set of lipsticks is such a great way to dip into a brands formula and colour selection without needing to commit to a full sized bullet lipstick.

I was a believer even before purchasing these and I would easily recommend both shadows and lipsticks to anyone that has not tried Chi Chi Cosmetics before.

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