Mellowing into Iso with Mellow Cosmetics

I'm a lover of makeup and discovered a brand called Mellow Cosmetics recently.

They have a variety of face, lip, eye and brow products.

In their selection of face products they have:

- powder blush

- glow palettes

In their selection of lip products they have:

- matte lipstick

- lip paint

- lip gloss

- lip liner (gel)

In their selection of eye products they have:

- eyeliner in pencil, liquid and gel formulas

- baked and glitter chrome eye-shadows

- eye-shadow palettes

In their selection of brow products they have:

- definer

- pomade

- powder

- tinted gel

They reached out to me to become an affiliate and I accepted the offer because I love that the brand delivers out of Australia.

I chose to buy there gel liner because it's a product I've never used before. I also picked up one of their matte lipsticks. You'll see them below.

I find the gel liner is easy to apply, stays a deep black colour (doesn't go greyish) and is long wearing. It doesn't get patchy or wipe off easily once you've let if dry down (this dry down process is pretty quick).

The lipstick that I chose is in the shade 'Blossom' and is a lovely red-pink shade that adds some colour without looking too overpowering. It too is relatively long lasting. It won't last a meal but it still has a good wear time. Blotting it rather than swiping it after a meal might help with the longevity.

I would recommend these products if your interesting in trying a new cosmetics brand and/or are looking for products with staying power.

I have decided to invest in the brow pomade and brow definer in shade 'Caramel' and something tells me I'm really going to like them.

If your interested in discovering this brand too you can follow the below link:

FYI - I earn commission if you use this link.