My skincare routine (over-40 approved)

I've been looking a little closer at my skincare regimen for a while now. I was opening to trying new brands as I haven't found a specific brand that works best for my skin type. Having dry/dehydrated, reactive skin has it's challenges. Being over 40 with hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and mild rosacea also means not all products are suitable. Hydration, illumination and smoothing benefits are important to me. Many skincare products however are ideal for those with oily or acne-prone skin who are looking for mattifying benefits.

Given that a new Aldi store had just recently opened in my area I decided one day to check out their product offering in this area. I was pleasantly surprised to find products that were perfect for someone in my age range and that were reasonably priced. I decided I'd purchase them and try them for a period of three to six months on a nightly basis and see what kind of results I could obtain with them. I was hoping for less dry and itchy skin.

I chose a trio of products in the Revive line by Lacura (pictured below).

(Photo credit: Sophie Poualion)

Step 1 - Night elixir

Step 2 - Hyaluronic gel

Step 3 - Hyaluronic activator

I have found a definite improvement in my skin so far but I think I need to be even more diligent in applying this each night. One pump of each product is really all you need of each product. I let them dry slightly in between steps. The last one I let dry completely because I wear an eye mask (the ones you wear on planes) each night to sleep better. But that's a whole other story :)

Given how much I liked these three, when I recently popped into Aldi I decided to pick up another Lacura product. I decided this time that I'd grab something for day use instead. There were two or three options but I settled on the Expert Wrinkle Filling Day Cream with SPF15 (pictured below).

(Photo credit: Sophie Poualion)

Expert Wrinkle Filling Day Cream with SPF15 and Mimox X

At first glance my impression is good. The cream is sealed with foil and when you open it you can tell the cream is scented (perhaps from the ingredients?) but it's not heavily perfumed. When you have dry/dehydrated and/or reactive skin added fragrance can be cause for irritation. Unfortunately many skincare products have added fragrance (especially the high-end ones).

Let's see if my skin approves of this new addition..

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