Stripping right removers.

I love to play with makeup and use my face like a canvas with my makeup brushes etching out a design.

Once I'm done with playing and want all of those products off I rely on two main makeup removers. Firstly, a coconut oil cleansing balm by Yes To and a micellar milky cleansing water by Garnier.

I dampen my face with warm water and grab some of the cleansing balm with by hand and spread it across my face. I try and use circular motions moving upwards. I then use a cleansing gel by Lacura. To make sure I have removed all remaining traces of makeup from my face I dampen a cotton round with some of the milky cleansing water and swipe that over my face.

(Photo credit: Sophie Poualion)

Coconut oil cleansing balm by Yesto and micellar milky cleansing water by Garnier.

The result is makeup-free skin than doesn't feel you've cleaned it with a Karcher!

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